Carmen 10 Instructions and Walkthroughs

We have created several overview videos for Carmen 10 to complement the written instructions provided by OSU. Please see below for a list of these. If you have questions or requests, please contact

Complete “Getting Started” Guide

Getting Started (PDF Handout)

Announcements (PDF Handout Pt 1) (PDF Handout Pt 2)

Dropbox (PDF Handout)

Discussions (Recording includes Groups tool) (PDF Handout)

Gradebooks (PDF Handout)


Learning Technologies for the Classroom

As we move into our last week of the semester, many of you are already thinking of ways to update your courses for next year.  These updates can come in the form of new assessments and creative classroom activities that may benefit from the use of learning technologies.  To help guide you through this process, we have created a document that lists several different technologies, a description of these technologies, and direct links which will allow you to read more about them or watch demonstrations.  To access this document, please click on the link below:

ImageAs your EdTech team, we are happy to work with each of you to discuss ideas and help find a learning technology that is right for you and your students.  Please contact us with any questions!

Students represent CSW at Innovate


BSW Student Lauren Moore

MSW Student Robyn Steiner

MSW Student Robyn Steiner

During the Fourth Annual Innovate Conference at OSU this week, our college was represented by BSW student, Lauren Moore and MSW student, Robyn Steiner who described their classroom and field experience using the iPad app FaceTime.

To help bridge the community and classroom, Dr. Holly Dabelko-Schoeny partnered with Julia Nielsen-Bingman,  Executive Director at the Greater Hilltop Shalom Zone, to speak with her SW 6501 classes about ethical dilemmas, leadership skills and interviewing skills through the use of FaceTime. This project was supported through a College tech grant that Dr. Dabelko-Schoeny and Lisa Durham received autumn semester.

Adobe Connect at CSW


This week we had a lively discussion regarding Adobe Connect – our web-conferencing solution! This technology tool can be used in a variety of ways at our college: student advising, faculty/staff meetings, online class activities, online office hours, and collaborating with others across the country-even the world!

We would like to provide each of you the opportunity to create an account in Adobe Connect and use it for the above reasons (and more). As we know using new technology can be a daunting task….we have put together a step-by-step set of instructions on how to use this product. We have also created a one page set of directions for any future guests you may invite to a meeting. These documents can be found on the right-hand side of our blog, or you may access these below:

Adobe Connect Guest Directions_CSW
Adobe Connect Directions_CSWFacultyandStaff

Adobe connect and iPad! Download the connect app to participate in meetings. It’s free.

We hope you try out Adobe Connect and please let us know what you think!

Ten iPad Apps to Share

Welcome to the CSW EdTech blog!  We would like to thank everyone who attended our iPad cafe this week and we hope you left the session with some good ideas and apps to share.  In the spirit of sharing, we wanted to post the top 10 apps that were discussed in the session.  Note: There were many more apps talked about, but we don’t want to overwhelm you this first time around!

 Flipboard Flipboard: Your Social News MagazineThis app allows users to compile a personalized news magazine with information you choose to view!Cost: Free
 Explain everything Explain EverythingThis app is an easy-to-use screencasting and interactive whiteboard tool that allows you to narrate over images, media, and documents.  You can annotate as well!Cost: $2.99
 evernote EvernoteTake notes, create lists, take pictures and record voices with this app!Cost: Free
 facetime FacetimeMake video phone calls to other iPad and iPhone users with this app.  Use this to bring people at a distance into your classroom for an interactive chat!Cost: Free (on every device)
 iMovie iMovieUse photos or video to turn create movie trailers and movies for recruitment, celebration or creative classroom projects.Cost: $4.99
 notability NotabilityThis app allows you to take notes, highlight, import documents and record audio with ease. Use this in meetings or in the classroom.Cost: $0.99
 wikimedia WikimediaView featured pictures from the Wikimedia Commons site.  These photos can be used in lectures, presentations, etc as they are for common use.Cost: $0.99
 Plants vs zombies  Plants vs. Zombies
Join the masses and fight zombies in this fun, interactive game.  Don’t worry, we are not only highlighting educational apps!Cost: Free
 Aviary Aviary
This app is a comprehensive photo editor that allows you to enhance, embellish and exaggerate photos!Cost: Free
 fitness pal MyFitnessPal
Trying to stay healthy and fit while working? This app is a fast and easy calorie counter to help you lose weight.Cost: Free